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Summer is coming and you’re probably excited to hit the beach in your bikini and enjoy some sunshine.

For some of you this might bring up some uncomfortable feelings.

You wish you had dropped just a bit more body fat by now and you wish you’d feel a bit more confident.

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You might be wondering why I didn’t say “master your nutrition in 3 steps” but I explicitly made the title about mastering your relationship with food.


Because I could send you a meal plan, your macros, nutrition guidelines etc. if you don’t have a good relationship with food it won’t help you.

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Are you ready to have a laugh? 😂

How similar does “Aperol spritz” and “uphill sprints” sound??

Say it out loud and you’ll probably find that it could be easily mistaken for one or the other, right?

I only started playing beach volleyball in Coolangatta, QLD a few weeks ago and I’m far from being good at the game but I do try as best as I can.

It’s a very different experience for me this time round as I used to only every do sports that I was really good at.

So here’s to trying something new but let’s finally get into the ‘spritz’/ ‘sprints’ story.

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Stop self-sabotage in 5 steps!

September 14, 2020

Self-sabotage is when you undermine your own goals or values.

You make a plan.

You’re all in.

You commit.

But then all of a sudden it feels like you keep putting massive roadblocks in your way.

You’re self-sabotaging.


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Do you struggle to take a week off training or maybe even a day? I hear you!!! I just took 5 days off and 5 years ago that would have been unheard of, in fact there would have been absolutely no way I would have allowed myself to take more than a couple days off. Read More

Has it been a little tough for you to get yourself exercising or have you been generally feeling a bit unmotivated?

I hear you!

For the first two weeks of iso-life I really struggled to feel motivated!

But did you know that in order to get your motivation back you don’t actually need to ‘feel more motivated’.

You’re probably thinking right now: “What the heck is she talking about”?!

Hear me out!

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How are you? Has iso-life become reality in the past week or so?

It’s a freakin’ odd feeling, isn’t it?


I don’t know about you but I really felt it at the backend of last week.

Despite coaching most of my clients online and chatting to friends over face time I had massive social withdrawals.

Can you relate?

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Personally, sleep is something I've struggled with for a long period of time. I've read a lot about sleep, I know a fair bit about sleep and I tried a lot to improve sleep!! I'm still not a sleep expert BUT what I know is that sleep is crucial how we feel and whether we're getting results. Read More
You ALWAYS work hard! But are you happy? Screw 6am alarms! You finally made the decision to take some time out so why on earth would you get up at the same time as on a random workday?? Read More

You've done it all: the diet plans, the quick fixes, the gym memberships, the group fitness classes and much more BUT somehow you keep returning to the starting line.

You're feeling frustrated and really you can't be bothered to try 'something else' that's not going to help you. At the same time you're dying to finally achieve that transformation you've been longing for so long (may it be strength, fat loss or skyrocketing your fitness)!

You wonder: "Is it actually possible to get there?"

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