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Quinoa & Seafood Medley

November 11, 2015

Quinoa is such a light carbohydrate and it is so versatile!
I love making really quick meals preferably using only one, maximum two
pieces of equipment and ideally I try to make it in under 30min.
Try to always cook a few meals at the same time rather than cooking
an individual dish for each meal- this saves so much time!! ... Read More

Bircher Muesli

November 03, 2015

Bircher muesli

I love a bircher muesli as a post workout meal. Oats have lots of fibre and are a great low GI carb source.
You can make this dish with dairy or dairy free; but make sure you prepare your muesli the night before so it has lots of time to soak...

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Oven roasted chicken breast with cauliflower mash (serves 2)

Do you sometimes feel like mash but not quite like the heavy potato mash?
Try this recipe below for a delicious potato mash alternative if you feel more like having a lighter meal...

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Eat less, exercise more- the fast track for fat loss?

I can confidently say that most likely all of us have fallen into the diet trap in the past of eating less and exercising more thinking that this is a fast way to lose body weight fast...

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  • Do you struggle to fall asleep or do you wake up frequently during the night?
  • Are you constantly “on the go”?
  • Are you holding a bit of belly fat?
  • Do you struggle to lose body fat?...
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Is being a cardio queen killing your results?

First things first!

There is a place for everything in a well designed program and you should always be able to do what you love doing. E.g. if you love running this can have a place in your program; if you love...

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Beetroot, avocado and chicken lime salad


  • 1 beetroot
  • Olive oil, coconut oil...
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Do you find you always make the same salad and tend to get bored of it? I have put together a list how to create “fancy” salads by adding a few simple things. Making a salad shouldn’t take longer than roughly 10min...

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