Nina has been very passionate about health and wellbeing from an early age which developed the belief in her that being fit and healthy empowers all areas of your life. Learning about how to improve health, performance and mindset have always evoked a calling in her.

When Nina launched her coaching business 10 years ago she passionately started to help women achieve their health and fitness goals. What she found was that a lot of women struggled to break through their habits & behaviours and shift their mindset so they could sustainably achieve their goals.

Over time Nina realised that helping women nail their mindset and break through their blocks was the only way to become unstuck and avoid setbacks. Following an exercise program is one of the key components in any transformation but it’s most of the time just a bandage if the mindset work falls to the sideline.

This methodology is now being reflected in how Nina works with her clients. Being coached by Nina means getting to the source of what’s keeping someone stuck FAST so a transformation can occur with ease & flow.

Nina’s passion for health, fitness and developing a strong mindset began at the age of 5 when she started to compete in gymnastics for 9 years before moving onto athletics and competing for the following 7 years.
Training from such an early age developed a desire in her to push forward when needed to overcome tough times.

Her philosophy is that if you tackle whatever comes your way on your personal and professional journey you will only become stronger.

We only grow if there are challenges in our lives. It is just a matter of whether we view them as negative or positive/life enhancing.

 “I haven’t met a client who doesn’t have a challenge they wish to overcome. The desire to shift your mindset and overcome what’s keeping you stuck is the key to success.”