Eat less, exercise more - the fast track to fat loss?

Eat less, exercise more- the fast track for fat loss?

I can confidently say that most likely all of us have fallen into the diet trap in the past of eating less and exercising more thinking that this is a fast way to lose body weight fast.

If you make your mind up that you want to drop some kg’s, sign up for the gym and spend countless hours on the the cross trainer every week you may be losing some kg’s at the start but weight loss will sooner or later hit the wall because your metabolism starts to slow down.

The reason why eating less and exercising more works for some time is because it creates a new stimulus on your metabolism, it is being pushed to adapt.

Over the long run though your body doesn’t like to run on a huge calorie deficit so what happens is that your metabolism starts to compensate by slowing down and basically burning less calories in the day and storing more body fat.

Super fast fat loss (big calorie deficits) almost always ends up in this scenario, this is why you put on additional weight afterwards when you do a juice fast or try to lose 5kg in 1 week.

For fat loss you do want to have a calorie deficit but it shouldn’t be huge. Aiming for 0.5- 1kg of fat loss per week is much safer and more sustainable than any quick fix.

So the idea is that you start exercising regularly but you also have to eat a little more food to not make your metabolism suffer and not to fall into the “diet trap”.

Think of the process more as “fuelling your body” to adapt and change shape rather than starving it. By adapting you nutrition to your exercise program you will increase you metabolic rate with your food intake as well as with your exercise regime.

Now you are on a much more sustainable fat loss plan.

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Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger