Queen- it’s time to take the reins and take control of your life!

I’ve done a fair bit of reflection over the past week or so, contemplating what went well in 2020 and what didn’t.


I can hand on my heart say, I’ve become a lot better at saying no AND giving less fucks.


I used to:

  • Expend way too much energy on other people, situations and unhelpful thought patterns
  • Say yes where I really meant no
  • Care too much about things and people who didn’t truly matter


Taking the reins and changing your focus is not only freeing but empowering!


- Who are the people in your life that zap your energy right now?

- Are you giving ‘too many fucks’ about situations and people that don’t truly matter?

- Where does most of your time, energy and focus go each day?


Taking the reins and being unapologetic with your time and energy will make you more confident in yourself and your abilities. Most importantly, it will free up the space to redirect your focus to the areas of your life that require your attention!


Another thing I’ve realised upon reflection is that I find myself always working hard but I don’t tend to celebrate my successes as much as I could.

I know YOU ARE always working hard too so I’m asking you: How do you celebrate?


We’re quick to judge ourselves on what we didn’t do, what we didn’t achieve and how we could be doing better. Simultaneously, there are so many things that you are achieving.


I want to encourage you to give less fucks in 2021, saying no when you mean it and write a little list how you’re going to celebrate your successes and achievements this year!

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger