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Oooooh- I don’t know about you but I cannot wait until Xmas.

It’s what this time of the year represents rather than the gifts involved and the hype about Christmas…


It’s about spending time with people I care about, getting a break, relaxing and most importantly letting go a little bit.

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Today, I want to share with you a personal story.

Sunday a week ago I did my first Olympic triathlon and it was a f***** awesome experience!


BUT the day before I was so nervous!

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“I can’t recall what happened next”

You had a plan to follow, you were super excited to finally achieve your goals but then all of a sudden a week has gone by and somehow you’ve only trained once, you feel like your nutrition has gone out the window because you had that boozy work lunch yesterday and deep down you’re asking yourself whether it’s actually going to happen…

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  1. You had enough of making ‘weight loss’ your only and prime focus/ goal
  2. You’re ready to compete with yourself as opposed to the rest of the world
  3. Queen- you’re ready to figure out what you’re truly made of
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Why the F*** is it so hard?

October 22, 2019

Do you ever wake up and you find it hard to get out of bed?

Do you ever go through the day and you do your absolute best but you can’t shake the feeling that you need to do more?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?


I’ve been there girlfriend! I’ve had the lack of motivation when I get up in the morning, I’ve had countless days where I tick of all my ‘to-do’s’ but I feel like I should have done more and I’ve also felt overwhelmed numerous amounts of times.

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Swap denial for trial

October 15, 2019

Are you in denial?

Denial is more common than you think and it’s a way of avoiding the sometimes not so comfortable truth.

You’re not the only one! We all have self-sabotaged ourselves away from succeeding.

Sounds familiar?

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You've been working really hard and right now you're feeling frustrated that you're not seeing the results you were hoping to see at this point.

Sometimes you might find there are simple things you can change and all of the sudden shifts happen but let me tell you that often self-sabotage is the prime reason you’re stuck and frustrated.

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… it doesn’t exist! Disappointed?

What I do have for you though, are a few tips that will help you make progress! Like real progress!

Let’s start with the stuff you kind of already know, but it’s super important that you actually go through life on a daily basis applying these things.

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There’s something all athletes and high performers do that makes them way more successful. They practice this technique consciously because they know how powerful it is and what a difference it can make.

So what’s their secret?

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Another 12-wk challenge? NO!

September 03, 2019

Spring has hit and I’m ready, are you?

The cold and winter-y days are over and it’s warming up. Summer is just around the corner, or really- 12 weeks away.


For some people, (maybe YOU) alarm bells go of with an automated list of goals to achieve in the next 12 weeks.

Because in this time frame you must be bikini ready, right?

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