WHY I could never take 5 days off training…

Do you struggle to take a week off training or maybe even a day? I hear you!!! I just took 5 days off and 5 years ago that would have been unheard of, in fact there would have been absolutely no way I would have allowed myself to take more than a couple days off.

I never listened to any niggles in my body, just kept pushing on.

Being sick felt like a weakness, surely I could at least do a light session once I had overcome the hard yards…?


I thought I loved training so much and that’s why I kept going year round.


…It wasn’t until I peeled back the layers that I found:

- I was addicted to how training made me feel (strong & invincible)

- It was a coping mechanism for feeling shit or to cover up stuff I didn’t really know how to deal with

- I was obsessed to achieve more and more




- You need to want to realise that what you’re doing is not healthy

- You need to come to a conclusion that underlying emotional stuff is not resolved through training habits and an ability ‘to stuff things down’

- You need to come to a point where there’s NO other option but to change


The freedom of understanding underlying emotions, being able to manage your state and embark on a journey that’s healthy and in alignment with your values is the most empowering thing. EVER.


Now, I sometimes take 3 weeks off and often 3-5 days without feeling a sense of failure or without worry that I might gain body fat. (Reality is you don’t, you might even lose body fat).


If you’re someone who’s addicted to exercise and you start to realize that there might be some underlying stuff going out, DM me and we can jump on a free laser coaching call.

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger