Stressed about food? 💛 Master your relationship with food in 3 steps!

You might be wondering why I didn’t say “master your nutrition in 3 steps” but I explicitly made the title about mastering your relationship with food.


Because I could send you a meal plan, your macros, nutrition guidelines etc. if you don’t have a good relationship with food it won’t help you.


  • Do you ever feel guilty about eating chocolate or a dessert?
  • Have you ever jumped on Google and looked for a successful diet where you can shred a few kilos in only a short period of time?
  • Do you find yourself constantly looking for a solution but always wonder why nothing seems to work?

It all comes down to improving your relationship with food:

  • Eliminating feelings of guilt
  • Establishing a nourishment mindset
  • Peeling back the layers and identifying the underlying emotions


Often women don’t feel good enough so getting skinnier by eating less or dropping weight/ body fat makes them feel better. Temporarily!


My story:

When I grew up I used to do a lot of sport (gymnastics and track & field) and it was very competitive. Despite the fact that we were in our teenage years we always had trainers comment, if we looked a bit more chubby or put on some weight and our performance would suffer as a result of it.


But what did it do to our self-esteem, body image and self-worth??

It was absolutely detrimental! 😶

Now for you it might not have been the sport but it might have been your mum, your grandma, the media, your friends,...?


A poor relationship with food and the associated underlying emotions always have a root.

Until you pull those roots out you’ll keep searching for a solution that will never last.


Honestly it took me a long time to re-establish my relationship with food but the freedom you get as a result is irreplaceable! 😀


Here are 3 steps to get started:

  1. Identify what you struggle with (e.g. guilt, worry about putting on body fat…)
  2. “Pull the roots out” and resolve the underlying emotion and/ or limiting belief
  3. Work on strengthening good relationship with food by integrating positive emotions
Nina xx

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger