Aperol spritz or Uphill sprints?

Are you ready to have a laugh? 😂

How similar does “Aperol spritz” and “uphill sprints” sound??

Say it out loud and you’ll probably find that it could be easily mistaken for one or the other, right?

I only started playing beach volleyball in Coolangatta, QLD a few weeks ago and I’m far from being good at the game but I do try as best as I can.

It’s a very different experience for me this time round as I used to only every do sports that I was really good at.

So here’s to trying something new but let’s finally get into the ‘spritz’/ ‘sprints’ story.

On Sat we had a little water break and the other players asked me to join the tournament the following day.

Whilst I gave away that I probably needed to up my game a little before stepping into a tournament I also mentioned that I was going for an unlimited “Aperol spritz” session on Sunday.😅

A few comments that didn’t make much sense to me were exchanged and others still tried to convince me to attend the tournament.

It wasn’t UNTIL about 5min later that it turned out that 2/3 of the people standing around in the circle thought I said “uphill sprints” not “Aperol spritz” and everyone pissed themselves laughing. 😂

Well given my personal training background of course it would make sense that I would dedicate my Sundays to uphill sprints, right?

It was so funny but it really made me think two things:

  1. Our filters: We make up our minds about people, what they do and what they’re like (they thought well she’s a personal trainer so uphill sprints makes sense)


  1. Don’t guess what others think: I thought I was not good enough to play in a tournament just yet and that I needed to get better first but when I actually asked the others they told me that they would never get frustrated playing with me and that they’d love for me to attend the tournament
At the end of the day I love Aperol spritz and I sometimes do (uphill) sprints as part of my program BUT it doesn't have to be one or the other. The fitness industry has praised that you can't drink when you want to achieve a fitness goal and vice versa. I BELIEVE you CAN do both! It's just the know how that most people are missing and a lot of information guides people to turn to extremes...
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Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger