You love a glass of wine, but then what about your goals?

What are those little highlights for you every week?

The things that make you happy, make your life worth living?

Do you love a glass of wine, catching up with your girlfriends or having lunch out in the sun enjoying a cheese platter?


Whatever it is to you, it’s important right?

But then you listen to that voice telling you ‘you can’t’ because you want to achieve your goals.

This ends up making you feel like you constantly have to choose between the lifestyle you love and your fitness dreams!


This is also why you feel like participating in a challenge or doing a nutrition plan for a set number of weeks is going to be the answer.

But the truth is that this mindset will keep bringing you back to the starting point and never give you the long term results you’re after.


You might be wondering “why”?

It’s easier to convince yourself to follow something for a short period of time than doing the hard yards like facing your fears and making uncomfortable changes that require effort and consistency.


You’re wasting your time!

If you’re always opting for short-term magic pills, you’ll never experience the growth that’s just around the corner waiting for you.

Setting goals that are meaningful to you and making changes require you to step up and dig deep but these are some of the tools that get you to that long term success you want deep down.

 I get it- it’s not always easy to do it yourself, so please reach out if you need help.

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger