What’s that fear holding you back from success?

How frustrating is it when you are progressing nicely on your journey to transformation but there is just that one thing you simply cannot overcome.

It’s either stopping you from getting closer to your goal or it makes you go backwards at times.


You are doing all the right things but somehow knowingly or not there still seems to be a ‘sticky point’.


Consciously or subconsciously it’s actually your fears that create these unpleasant hurdles to jump over.

Some of these might be apparent but some of these may be rooted deep inside, really you don’t know about them at all.


Good news is that it’s actually super common, all of us have fears but it’s for you to bring them to awareness and face them head on to eventually get these roadblocks  out of the way to success.


So let’s get stuck into how to overcome them!


Here are some steps to take to accelerate your journey:

  1. If you’re unaware of your fears step one is to face them like a badass.

Grab a journal or a blank piece of paper and ask yourself:

‘What are some of the fears that are standing in my way from making the changes required for me to be able to step into the right direction?’

Tip: Try not to overthink it, just let the pen roll over your paper.


  1. Put your fears to the test: Are these fears guiding you to making choices every day that are based on fear? The brain works like a muscle- you may have consciously or subconsciously trained your brain towards acting out of fear instead of making decisions that help you move forward.

Looking at your fears ask yourself the following questions for each of them:

  1. Do you have any evidence to support that your fear is true?
  2. Does this fear serve your best interest?
  3. Does this fear help you progress towards your goals?


With some of these fears you may have just realized that they are not rational at all. If there was any fear that’s actually rational that best way to overcome it is to write down what it is keeping you from doing and then creating a plan of action on what you are going to do the next time it strikes to overcome it!


  1. Step 3 to overcoming fear is a very simple visualization technique. Click here to check it out

Visualization technique:

  • Close your eyes and bring the fear to the front of your mind. Collect all the images that this fear brings up in your mind including the negative feelings it produces within you.
  • Next- imagine you have a ‘safe’ and you place all images and feelings inside the box and lock it up.
  • Hold the safe in your hands with your arms straight out in front of you and then slowly make this box smaller and smaller until it sits nicely inside your hands.
  • Now imagine you’re standing at a cliff, you can hardly see the bottom and then throw the safe down watching it disappear slowly.
  • As you turn around walking away from the cliff it starts raining. Notice how the water feels warm on your skin and gently washes over your whole body.
  • The further you walk away the better and refresh you feel.

 Come back to this visualization technique whenever you feel like one of your fears is sabotaging your actions or decisions.

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger