What will you do different this time?

Winter is coming to an end and you are starting to feel that it’s time to get things back on track so a magical transformation can take place.

Over the last couple of months your exercise routine has somehow moved from front of mind to the back corner and so has your nutrition.

You might be starting to feel a little icky so I totally get that you’re ready to hit the ground running BECAUSE this time it’s going to happen right?


Mind aaaaaaaand body…

Yeah I know you’ve heard this plenty of time BUT can you remember the last time you focused on both your mindset and your body simultaneously to achieve long-term results?

It kind of tends to be all in on the exercise but what about changing your thoughts, behaviors and habits so they won’t push you back to the starting point eventually?


Your thoughts are what govern every moment-

Your habits are what dictate your every day routine AND

Your behaviors and emotional states determine how you get to feel everyday, how you see yourself and how you perceive the world day in and day out.


See how important it is to change the above so you can stick to your exercise routine, so you get to live your health & fitness dreams and stop the cycle of having to start all over again?


Here’s my best advice:

This time when you start all over again, work on your mindset as well as your exercise routine because this is where the freakin’ awesome change is going to occur so you don’t have to start all over again, so you don’t feel icky and so you have a foundation to fall back on if you’ve had a break or a setback. J

Sounds good?

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger