Here’s the secret to feeling more motivated!

It’s not easy to constantly feel motivated, do you agree?

I have clients come to me all the time asking me how they can feel more motivated.

I totally get it! I don’t always feel motivated myself but what helped me a lot was to understand how my own motivation works.

Now I got you hooked, don’t I? 

So yes it’s true, there’s no one-fits-all approach when it comes to motivation but we can break it down into the following for categories:

  • You respond well to inner and outer expectation

- Your motto would be: “I do what others expect of me and also what I expect of myself.”

  • You respond well to outer expectation but resist inner expectation

- Your motto would be: “I do what I have to do because I don’t want to let others down. I may let myself down.”

  • You resist outer expectation but meet inner expectation

- Your motto may be: “I do what I think is best, according to my judgment. If it doesn’t make sense I won’t do it.”

  • You resist outer and inner expectation

- Your motto would be: “ I do what I want in my own way. If you try make me do something, even if I try make myself do something- I’m less likely to do it.”



Now do you recognize yourself in one of these?

Did you just have one of those ‘AHA’ moments?

This can help you A LOT moving forward in terms of how you manage your motivation.

Say, if you respond well to outer expectation but resist inner expectation you know that you need someone to hold you accountable to achieve your goals.

If you don’t have that external motivation to stay on track you most likely fall off the wagon.


IF you’re unsure how that relates to you and want to know how to manage your motivation better, message me with the number of the category you fall in.


Finally- I want to give you one more tip how you can feel more motivated and that is to practice being more disciplined with yourself.

In times when you feel less motivated you’ll stay on track by having the right accountability system set up (see above) and being disciplined with yourself.


Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger