Another 12-wk challenge? NO!

Spring has hit and I’m ready, are you?

The cold and winter-y days are over and it’s warming up. Summer is just around the corner, or really- 12 weeks away.


For some people, (maybe YOU) alarm bells go off with an automated list of goals to achieve in the next 12 weeks.

Because in this time frame you must be bikini ready, right?


Now I’m curious to know what happened last time you got ready for summer? Did you go really hard for 12 weeks and then once Christmas season hit you kind of stopped and went back to your old habits?

AHA! See- this is where it gets interesting.



It’s kind of really hard to change habits that make us feel comfortable but also that stop us from progressing and succeeding.

Yes, habits can be transformed in 12 weeks but if the change you embraced was too quick and drastic and didn’t suit your lifestyle, the chances are high you fell back into your old habits eventually. Am I right?


That kind of sucks, doesn’t it?

I get it- of course you want to look great for summer and those goals become a priority once we approach the bikini season.

The thing is though that if you never work on your mindset and build a strong foundation around your health and fitness then you are going to keep coming back to the starting point.


What are you going to do different this time?

If you truly want a long-term transformation, say no to a 12-wk challenge this spring and say ‘yes’ to making changes that magically impact your life for good.

I’m talking about taking baby steps with your nutrition, exercise and mindset so you have a strong foundation and you don’t have to go back to the starting point.

Sounds good?

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger