Do you know about that one secret to get there faster?

There’s something all athletes and high performers do that makes them way more successful. They practice this technique consciously because they know how powerful it is and what a difference it can make.

So what’s their secret?


And YOU might already be doing it too. Most likely you’d be visualizing certain parts of your future subconsciously.

Let’s just say you’re dying to go on a holiday and you’re imagining lying on the beach, sipping on a cocktail and relaxing. How magical!

Scientists have shown that the same brain regions are being activated in both mental rehearsal and performance specific activities. Visualizing an activity is one part, adding emotions (or how you feel) makes the practice even more powerful.


Now how does this help YOU?

Believe it or not you can get to your goals a lot faster using this method high performers and athletes are mastering.

Visualizing what you want over and over again strengthens your focus and belief that you will get what you’re mentally rehearsing.


I’m sure by now you have thought of a couple of visualizations you frequently rehearse, even if they have been subconscious.

You might find it much easier to focus on things that seem very achievable.

Mental rehearsal will make the biggest difference for you in areas where you feel stuck or are unsure whether you can get there.


What do you want?

In what area do you feel stuck right now? You might have been mentally rehearsing failure as opposed to success?!

Start to visualize what you want, what it looks like specifically and how it feels.

Do this frequently, watch how focused you’ll become and what new opportunities will show up for you.


Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger