Get the magic nutrition formula…

… it doesn’t exist! Disappointed?

What I do have for you though, are a few tips that will help you make progress! Like real progress!

Let’s start with the stuff you kind of already know, but it’s super important that you actually go through life on a daily basis applying these things.


Your nutrition choices

You are smart! You know what is going to help you get closer to achieving your goal and what isn’t. So making too many choices that stop you getting closer to your dream will do exactly that.

There are two reasons why you may be making too many of the ‘wrong choices’.

The first one is that you haven’t taken massive action YET and you currently are lacking some discipline following through. The second one is that you’re struggling a little with emotional eating (maybe subconsciously).


Your nutrition mindset

The magic formula is really to build a strong nutrition foundation that you can maintain and fall back on long-term. What that foundation looks like is different from one to the other but there are basic principles that work for everyone.

Once you’ve built a strong foundation you will drift away form an all or nothing approach. When you had a muffin and some pancakes and you really enjoyed them your day won’t be ruined, your week won’t be wasted, instead you’ll just automatically get back on track!



Now here’s what will actually make a big difference:

  • Overcoming any emotional eating
  • Overcoming beliefs that don’t serve you such as “I can only lose weight if I eat less”
  • Getting advice from someone who knows their s*** and who can help you build a strong foundation
  • Embracing a nourishment- mindset. Food is not punishment or a tool to confirm a lack of self worth



Here are a few main principles that you can start implementing today:

  • Eat regular meals every day that will give you enough calories and ensure your calorie deficit is no greater than 10% if you’re aiming for fat loss (2-4 meals per day)
  • Eat a minimum of 1.6 X your bodyweight in grams of protein per day
  • Structure your carbs around your training and dinner meals unless you’re super lean
  • Eat plenty of veggies and foods rich in fibers
  • Eat the foods you love. If they don’t fit in with your overall goal, keep them to a minimum, but never exclude them

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger