What’s success for you?

It’s easy to answer, right?

… A house

…Lots of money

…A family

…Educated children

…Great career

…Be slim and look great

Maybe this is just an answer that has been engraved in us by society?

When was the last time you really thought about what success means to you?

What is it that makes you happy? … Because if we’re successful, we’re happy, right?

…So why is it that so many people are successful but don’t feel fulfilled and are actually not happy?

 The truth is that often we strive for something day in and day out that doesn’t actually align with who we are on a deeper level.

We’re influenced subconsciously and deep down believe that we need to work towards what society understands by the word “success”.

 If we lived a life that was all about taking action towards what made us happy deep inside, we’d all live magical lives (with the obvious challenges), wouldn’t we?

 Just imagine knowing what success truly means to you and aligning your life with exactly that.

 Think about what your energy would be like, what you could manifest and how your daily life would flow.


SO WHY don’t you start right now by asking yourself “what success means to you on a physical level”?

What is it that you want deep down when you go to the gym?

What does being successful in the gym and on a physical level look like to you?

What routine is sustainable, what do you enjoy, what suits your lifestyle and what makes you happy?

Understanding what drives you will help with your motivation and to ‘do it anyways’ when you don’t feel like doing the work or are facing some challenges.

Once you’ve given the above some thought, think about what success generally means to you in life? Are you taking action in that direction every day?


Dave Tabain
Dave Tabain