If you just looked at it ...that way?!

… Do you ever feel like you could do better?

… Do you ever feel like you should be a step further or have achieved more?

… Do you get down about where you are right now?


These are all non-constructive thoughts and inhibit your growth and progress on a daily basis if you give them all your attention and credibility.

Often they run wild in our minds without us even knowing.

Subconsciously though, these unhelpful stories block building a positive mindset and belief system.

It’s all about perspective and creating stories that allow you to create a strong mindset.

Are you aware of the stories that run through your mind on a daily basis?

What if you could change your thought patterns and therefore your perspective?


How awesome would it be, not having to feel like you need to be better because you acknowledge where and who you are right here and now by focusing on the things you have achieved and being grateful for being you?


I want to encourage you to listen to what you’re telling yourself every day.

Are these thoughts and stories helpful?

If not what can you change? How can you look at it differently?

What stories and thought patterns do you want to create that allow you to progress, evolve and build a positive mindset that allows you to be more of who you really are?

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger