…The thrill of running over the finish line!

Today, I want to share with you a personal story.

Sunday a week ago I did my first Olympic triathlon and it was a f***** awesome experience!


BUT the day before I was so nervous!

A week before I was questioning why I was even doing it.

One month prior to the race I had a massive drop in motivation and didn’t want to train.

6 months ago, the day I decided to sign up for the triathlon I felt excited but I also had a lot of fears coming to the surface. (I couldn’t even run 200m).


Whatever goal you choose you’re always going to have to overcome a lot of discomfort, fears, emotions and much more.

But this is where the growth is!


I had SO much to overcome. Do you ever feel like that?

In 2016 I ruptured my Achilles, training for the Australian Ninja Warrior and it tore my life apart. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t train much and to be honest everything was difficult.


It took me a very long time to get back on my feet and even more time to train the way I had been training before the accident.


When did you last have to overcome something difficult?

Right now you might be thinking of something difficult you needed to overcome yourself in the past and if you have a close look at how you came out on the other side, can you see how much you grew as a person?


Let’s look at difficult times as opportunities,

Let’s set goals that challenge us on a deeper level,

Let’s change weakness to strength.


I grew up with gymnastics and track & field, so competing in an endurance event wasn’t my forte at all.

BUT winning wasn’t the goal. It was about overcoming fears, growing as a person and challenging myself.


What’s YOUR next goal?



Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger