Hey queen- Is THIS is holding you back?

“I can’t recall what happened next”

You had a plan to follow, you were super excited to finally achieve your goals but then all of a sudden a week has gone by and somehow you’ve only trained once, you feel like your nutrition has gone out the window because you had that boozy work lunch yesterday and deep down you’re asking yourself whether it’s actually going to happen…


“Am I ever going to get there?” – Is a phrase that frequently comes up for you!

It’s that self-doubt creeping up whether you’re going to make it at all.

Did you know that the biggest predictor whether we queens are going to stick to a plan and be consistent is “self-belief”?


Here’s what’s holding you back:

  • An ‘all or nothing mindset’
  • Lack of self belief
  • Unrealistic goals and expectations that are often based on comparison


  • All or nothing mindset

If you’re going between ‘all in’ or ‘not at all’ you’re never going to feel self-assured that you can make your dreams reality. Dreams are achieved by achieving one small goal at a time and building self-belief along the way.

‘All in’ is not sustainable and leaves you feeling frustrated and in doubt when you lose track.


  • Lack of self belief

If an all or nothing mindset leaves you going nowhere, what can you do instead?

Self-belief doesn’t just appear, it’s built over a long period of time and you have to put the work in. The best place to start is to a) write daily affirmations what you’re already good at and list all your achievements and b) Taking actions that give you evidence that YOU CAN do what you set yourself out to do. The more these affirmations and evidence become a subconscious process the better your self-belief is getting.



  • Unrealistic goals and expectations that are often based on comparison

“She’s got – I don’t” is where a lot of unrealistic goals come from. Yes you’re never going to look like someone else because you’re unique! What is it that YOU truly desire for yourself? What goals do you want to achieve that will also give you the lifestyle you want?

Once you ditch the comparison trap and find out what YOU truly want things become a lot easier!

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger