Lifting & You PART 1

Being strong makes you feel empowered

There is something about lifting weights.

Lifting weights makes you feel different than going for a run or doing a HIIT session.

Have you ever been able to do something for the first time and it made you feel empowered?


Like the first time you put on that extra 5kg on the squat bar or the first time you managed to do a full push up (nose touch floor) ?

Something happens! Literally. You don’t leave the gym the way you walked in.






You want to go back and do it again.

You want to get better.

There is this curiosity in how far you can take it.


Have you ever noticed how this feeling of empowerment translates into your daily life?

Your mindset changes.

You tackle situations differently.

You start to perform better in your job.

You start to feel better which makes you more driven.

Best of all: your body starts to change shape.


You gain confidence. In yourself and what you can achieve.

How you approach people changes; the way people perceive you changes.

This is what I mean; you feel empowered.


If you haven’t started to lift yet, it’s about time.

If you have’t tried to lift more or try something you haven’t tried before start doing!

How far can you take it?

Do you thrive on challenges?


Before you go to the gym next time ask yourself what do you want to achieve today?

Stop going there to “just get your workout done”.


There’s this saying amongst trainers “You can always do 5 more reps”. 5 more than you think you can do.

And it’s true. Most likely you underestimate your capabilities.


Try it.

And watch!

Watch how this empowerment translates into your day to day life.

Watch how lifting more especially on compound lifts has a huge impact on your body shape.


Embrace feeling empowered.



Dave Tabain
Dave Tabain