How annoying is it to get sick?


Sometimes we just can’t avoid getting sick BUT we can have an impact on how long we are sick for…

Here are my top 5 tips how to get your immune system back up again so you don’t get beaten by nasty viruses and bacteria.

  1. VITAMIN C- Have several servings of Vitamin C/ day if you are sick. 3x 2mg. If you are not sick but still want to get through sick season have 1 serving a day
  2. Hydration- The better you hydrate the better your body’s chance to detox. Hydrate yourself with herbal teas, filtered water & homemade broths. If you drink filtered water add a sprinkle of Himalayan salt to your water. This adds minerals and aids hydration to your cells. The right amount of water for you is your  body weight x 0.033 (without exercise). Hydration is crucial for good energy, detoxification, absorption, lubrication and inflammation. Bone broths can be really helpful too in speeding up the recovery process.
  3. Eat your fruit and veg- Make sure you eat lots of veggies when you are sick. If you are lacking in appetite having veggies soups, raw veggies, raw fruit, freshly squeezed fruit/ veggies juices are the way to go. Also think about eating more high calorie foods if you don’t feel like eating because your body still needs energy. Bone broth soups or high calorie foods like granola are great. Avoid all processed foods especially sugar. Sugar is highly inflammatory. Other processed foods to avoid include:table salt, fructose, starch, vegetable oil, soy lecithin, milk solids, white flour, soy flour, yeast, preservatives, food flavours and enhancers, agents, food colours, emulsifiers, sweeteners, food acids, antibiotics (found in conventional meats and eggs).
  4. Boost your immune system with natural supplements. There are a few natural compounds that will help to get your immune system back up again fast. My favourites are: curcumin (turmeric), probiotics, olive leaf extract, echinacea, andrographis and a multivitamin
  5. Make sure you get enough sleep. This might sound really simple but it is really important for optimum immune function! Too little sleep can quickly increase inflammatory markers.

Dave Tabain
Dave Tabain