Are you sleeping tight (enough)?

Personally, sleep is something I've struggled with for a long period of time. I've read a lot about sleep, I know a fair bit about sleep and I tried a lot to improve sleep!! I'm still not a sleep expert BUT what I know is that sleep is crucial how we feel and whether we're getting results.

3 reasons you need to try and improve your sleep:

  1. Restores our immune system and improves mood
  2. Helps manage HEC’s
  3. Helps you get results



Your immune system is your powerhouse and foundation of health. Eating enough protein and getting enough sleep both help to build and maintain a strong immune system.


HEC’s refers to hunger- energy- cravings! Have you ever notices that you’re hungrier and have increased cravings after a bad night sleep?

Yep! That’s because lack of sleep messes up our hormones that regulate feeling hungry/ cravings and our energy.

This is massive and directly impacts point 3:


Results! If you’re constantly lacking sleep and your HEC’s are out of whack it’ll be hard to get results. Makes sense right? If your energy is low you won’t want to train, if you’re always hungry your calorie bucket will tip over and if you’re always raving something you’ll most likely overload on chocolate and/ or chips…


So how can you improve sleep? Try these things:

  • Avoid TV, phones etc. before bed
  • Build a sleep routine into your life
  • Try lavender essential oil on your pillow
  • Get a good quality magnesium supplement (that’s designed for sleep)
  • Make sure your room is dark & cool. Try an eye mask and earplugs ;)



Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger