5 habits so you can thrive throughout this pandemic

How are you? Has iso-life become reality in the past week or so?

It’s a freakin’ odd feeling, isn’t it?


I don’t know about you but I really felt it at the backend of last week.

Despite coaching most of my clients online and chatting to friends over face time I had massive social withdrawals.

Can you relate?


It’s just a weird feeling not to be able to go and see the people you care about. Isolation has a different effect on all of us. It might bring up bad habits because they help you dealing with what’s going on or it might make you moody.


Whatever it is, it’s so important that you do what you can to maintain a good headspace. This doesn’t mean that these odd feelings will disappear but focusing on your mental health will certainly make things a lot easier!


Over the last few days I started integrating some good habits into my life and I made these a non-negotiable. I really wanted to share these with you as I believe these 5 helpful habits will have a positive impact on your daily life too.


So here they are: 5 habits so you can thrive throughout this pandemic:

  1. Morning routine
  2. Meeting daily activity levels plus locking in exercise routine for the week
  3. Breaks to increase performance and to check-in with yourself
  4. Nutritious food daily
  5. A form of self-care & phone/ face time chats with friends and family


  1. A morning routine helps you to set up for the day. It doesn’t have to be anything big or time consuming. Some people like to spend 5 minutes writing a gratitude journal, others may prefer to walk for an hour. Whatever it is for you make sure it suits you and your lifestyle
  2. 10,000 steps OR 1-2 x 20min workouts that I’ve been sharing in HOME SWEAT HOME will make up your basic daily activity requirements. On top of that schedule in your training (3-4x week) like an appointment with your boss
  3. It’s scientifically proven that we’re more productive if we take a break every 90min. But also check in with yourself how you’re feeling.
  4. 3-4 meals nutritious meals per day, limit snacking
  5. Again self-care is different for each of us. Anything from 5min (e.g. a hot shower) to 1h of puzzling or drawing. Choose what suits you and your lifestyle. Make an effort to call family and friends, this will make you feel better in times of isolation.


Nina xx

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger