Are you saying I can do gymnastics??

Yes that's exactly what I'm saying. :)
What great news, right?
Whenever people hear "gymnastics" they freak out.
"Aaaaah I could never do that"!
You don't have to do a back flip.
Or a handstand.
Or a summersault.
BUT MAYBE one day you will.
The beauty of gymnastics is the principles of gymnastics that make you super strong
super fast!
So it doesn't matter where you are at you can start NOW!
There are exercises that everyone can do, literally EVERYONE.
Here's the "plank of gymnastics" and we call it "hollow hold".
Awesome core exercise. Try it. I mean now. Get down on the floor and give it a crack.
Your core can only get stronger right? Read instructions below...
Stage 1 + 2
Stage 3
How to do a hollow hold?
> The goal of a hollow hold is that your pelvis is posteriorly tilted which means you tuck your tailbone under and you imprint the lower back into the floor
> Shoulders are slightly peeled off the floor, long neck, look up!
> Start with Stage 1 legs bent and arms by the side. You must be able to maintain actively pressing the lower back into the floor before progressing the exercise!
> Complete 3x 10sec with 10 sec rest
> Progress to 2x 20sec with 10 sec rest 
> Progress to 2x 30sec with 10 sec rest
> Progress to 1x 40sec, then 1x 50sec
> Make sure you are able to do a full minute before progressing to stage 2
> Stage 2 your legs are extended. Again: you MUST be able to press your lower back into the floor!
> Complete above progressions before trying stage 3.
> With stage 3 arms are next to your ears and shoulders are protracted, reach away from the body
> Go through progressions...
Whoop! So much fun :)

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger