“You’ve been good all week BUT then the weekend”…

Oh my god!

The weekend has just gone by and it happened again!

Those 2 kg that you had just lost are now back on.

How frustrating!


You’ve put your mind to it recently,

You’ve made some lifestyle changes,

You’ve been working out more regularly and

You HAVE seen some results but then…


After a few fun events or a big weekend you just feel like you’ve gone backwards again.


People always think that I’m a saint and when I tell them that I actually

do go out and have fun and yes I do drink alcohol (at moderate levels with the odd big night), I get quite interesting facial expressions.


The question that follows is usually: “So how do you not put on weight?”


It’s not rocket science and it’s also NOT restrictive dieting or counting macros.


It’s doing basics ALWAYS & CONSISTENTLY and returning back to these after eating YUMMY food, a big night out or an event.


PLUS it’s knowing your in’s & out’s.

If you had dessert, wine and yummy food that’s high in calories, what do you do for the next couple of days?

Do you change what and the type of food you eat? Can you have fun and let lose but also be disciplined?


See it’s not about enjoying life, food & wine and then feeling bad about it, it’s about being able to do all these things without GUILT and KNOWING how to counteract.


For a fact I sometimes to put on weight but I know if I return do basics consistently it will come off again.


Here are some key points to think about:

Number 1- change your mindset. If you keep feeling guilty, are worried how everything you eat is going to affect you and struggle to find a balance of eating well and having fun change your mindset, these thoughts are not helpful.

Number 2- learn and educate yourself so you understand food and how it works for you as opposed to engaging in the next best diet.

Essentially the total amount of calories you eat per week matter. If you have a big night e.g. do intermittent fasting the next day and following that eat very clean, healthy nutritious food with slightly lower calories for a couple of days.

Number 3- If you don’t know or are unsure, just ask! You also don’t know what you don’t know. Be open to learning about yourself and your body!

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger