Are you changing up your training enough?

Do you feel stuck?

Has your body not changed shape in a while?

Question is: have you actually changed up your training enough?

The body is so smart.

Think about going on a 10-day mountain track. The first few days you will be sore, your quads are burning and everything else is aching too. But after another few days all of a sudden your body feels fine. Why? Because it has adapted to the new stimulus.

Now if you still wanted to get further adaption whilst doing the track you would need to introduce a different stimulus.

The same is for your training in the gym.

This is why it is so important to follow programs and changing them.

If you go to Body Pump classes or do circuit training all the time your body will not change shape anymore after a few weeks.

If you are only after getting some exercise done and being active; great! Go for it!

But if you are serious about changing the shape of your body you need to introduce different stimuli so you are forcing your body into having to constantly adapt.

What are some of those stimuli?

  • Exercise variation. E.g. if in one program you are doing includes a high bar squat; in the next program you might do some front squats instead
  • Rep variation. E.g. if you focus a bit more on strength with lower reps for one program you may include higher reps e.g. 8-12 in the next program
  • Tempo variation. E.g. if you are doing slow eccentrics your body might benefit from some faster movements or a mix
  • Weight variations. E.g. you could start your session heavy and finish light or you may do a program with heavier weights and then move onto lighter ones in the next
  • Challenge yourself! It’s really important to challenge yourself what you can do and how far you can take it


Happy training!

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger