6 Tips on how to create healthy lifestyle habits

  1. Hydration- Hydrate yourself with herbal teas, filtered water, homemade broths. If  you drink filtered water add a sprinkle of Himalayan salt to your water. This adds minerals and aids hydration to your cells. The right amount of water for you is your body weight x 0.033. Hydration is crucial for good energy, detoxification, absorption, lubrication and inflammation.
  2. You are what you eat- Take a look in your cupboards and fridge. What can you find? Get rid of all vegetable oils and hydrogenated oil products. Throw out processed foods or foods that contain processed ingredients. Processed ingredients include: table salt, table sugar, fructose, starch, vegetable oil, soy lecithin, milk solids, white flour, soy flour, yeast, preservatives, food flavours and enhancers, agents, food colours, emulsifiers, sweeteners, food acids, antibiotics (found in conventional meats and eggs). Eat a wholefood diet including plenty of fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables, pastured meats and wild fish. Choose from sustainable sources and prepare well. Sustainable foods include: free range meat & eggs, fruit and vegetables, fresh and dried herbs, healthy oils and fats, cultured foods such as yoghurt, raw nuts, seeds, tubers, grains and pseudo cereals such as quinoa.
  3. Move with nature’s rhythm: Wind down and sleep at 10pm, wake at sunrise and leave yourself some time to get started for the day.
  4. Become mindful of breathing: Flat breathing is very common. Breathing promotes good energy so be aware of your breathing. Take some deep diaphragmatic breaths every now and then to promote oxygenation for energy, detoxification and regulating acid / alkaline PH. Try to go for walks in parks or forest to breathe some clean air.
  5. Promote good digestion/ good absorption of nutrients:
  • Create time and space for food preparation. Cook and prepare with love, respect and gratitude for the foods you are eating.
  • Be mindful when eating: Are there any negative thoughts? Do you swallow down your food as quick as possible? Do you chew well? Observe and create thoughts and habits that promote health and well being.
  • How does your body react to certain foods? How do you feel after eating? Try to listen to your body, open up and understand what your body needs and what it doesn’t.

     6.  Me Time: There are no excuses such as “I’m too busy”,

          “My kids need all my    attention 24/7”, “I need to clean now I don’t have time...”

  • There is always a time for just yourself even if it is 5min. e.g. in the bathroom when you are on your own. Create more of those moments, spaces and awareness for yourself. Appreciate what is around you and take as much time for yourself to create positive thoughts and visions as you can. 5min. at the end of the day is enough

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger