Can you eat your cellulite away?


Are you training hard or are you try your best to “be good” with your diet but yet that cellulite on your thighs or butt or arms doesn’t move at all?

The answer to this problem might be related to a few different things:

  • genetics
  • synthetic estrogens that mimic our own oestrogen hormones
  • lack of blood flow into the muscle
  • diet

Here are my top tips and how to overcome the above obstacles:

  • Genetics

You are always going to have more fat cell receptors in certain parts of your body than others, therefore that first body fat you put on is the last body fat you lose. BUT- just because you have a certain genetic blueprint doesn’t mean that you can’t change your gene expression and therefore your body. It is proven that through good nutritional habits and exercise you can still change your body. Aiming to be overall leaner will eventually help to tackle the cellulite too.

  • Synthetic estrogen

When synthetic oestrogen called “xenoestrogen” invades our bodies hormonal balance is disrupted. Xenoestrogens imitate and mimic oestrogen; an exposure to too many of these synthetic hormones leads to an excessive production of oestrogen. Too much oestrogen in your body can make it extremely hard losing body fat & cellulite.

There are other symptoms you might experience when oestrogen levels are high e.g. mood swings, depression, heavy periods, low libido, infertility, dry skin, hair loss.


To avoid synthetic oestrogen and give your body a chance to get rid of cellulite avoid:

  • plactic (non BPA, heating foods in plastic)
  • pesticides
  • parabens (skin care, make up, shampoos- Read the labels and choose wisely)

  • Lack of blood flow to the muscle

Generally speaking cellulite sits where there is lack of blood flow to the muscle. 

Performing exercises that encourage full range of motion and the right activation + working on overall fat loss will help you decrease cellulite.

Lift some heavier weights and focus on squats and deadlifts.

Dry brushing is also a great way to increase the blood flow to the area of concern. 


  • Diet

What can you do through diet to help get rid of cellulite?

Here are my tips:

  • eat lots of fibrous foods such as veggies (especially greens) & fruit
  • eat food rich in collagen (sardines, bone broth)
  • eat plenty of high protein foods and cut through all the processed stuff!
  • citrus fruit
  • drink green tea/ chamomile tea


Support detoxification to fight off unnatural oestrogen:

  • take probiotics
  • take fish oil
  • take a Zinc/ B-Vitamin supplement

(B Vitamins are essential to burn body fat- B6, B5, B12)

  • eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables including kale, brussel sprouts, spinach, 
  • eat fermented cabbage or sauerkraut


Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger