Half way through silly season?!

Half way through silly season?!

People often worry about silly season coming up, worry about all the food, sweets and putting on weight.

But really- shouldn’t we rather worry about the rest of the year?

The period over Christmas and New Years should be a happy time to enjoy ourselves and spend time with family and friends. Time to relax and recharge.

If our goal day in day out for most of the year is being healthy and fit; 2-3 weeks of silly season or weekly socialising won’t matter right?

It should be about committing to ourselves, to our health and wellbeing journey no matter what time of the year. In the end of the day it’s about finding balance.

Here are some tips and tricks what to do if you have an event/ a birthday/ Christmas/ New Years etc. coming up:

  • ALWAYS spread your meals over the day (3-6 meals/ day)
  • Don’t leave yourself starving until the “Big Meal” because you will be more incline to eating all the shitty high calorie foods like crackers, deli items, dips etc as soon as you get there before the actual main course
  • If you know you are going to eat a lot for your “event meal” base your other meals for the day on protein + veg
  • 4 tips for your “event meal”: stock up on lots of veggies/ salads first. The fiber and volume will make you feel full and satisfied. Second stock up on lots of protein- this will also help to make you feel full. Third drink lots of water (min. 3l). Sometimes we feel more hungry if we haven’t had enough water. Fourth opt for a smaller serving of carbs or eat them after your protein + veg if you still feel hungry. Once you’ve done all of the above you will not feel like having a huge dessert which will most likely make you eat less of it.
  • If there is a buffet try to fill your plate up once only rather than going 6 times to get a 1/4 plate.
  • Alcohol: Everyone enjoys wine or other drinks every now and then which is absolutely fine but if you are looking to lose body fat limit alcohol to 2 standard drink a week and opt for lower calorie options like wine rather than a “pina colada”. Try to drink the alcohol once you have eaten something rather than on an empty stomach
  • Exercise pre event. This is the perfect time to throw in a workout because you will be less incline to putting on body fat from your post workout feast. Can’t fit it in before hand? Training at a time that suits you is better than not doing anything because you are giving your body a chance to burn of all the extra calories floating around.

Happy new years and enjoy your festivities!

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Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger