Is social media clouding our true authentic goals?

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Have we lost our true authentic goals in the world of social media?

How do most of you out there feel when you look through daily Instagram and Facebook feeds?
What kind of thoughts and emotions run through your mind looking at abs, “perfectly toned bodies” or videos of how many KG’s someone can deadlift?
“lack of confidence that you could do that?”
“what if you could just look like that?”
“You just want to be like her…?”
“If you could just have that #booty! “
“You will never get there??”

The social media experts appear to know how to get results. So should you follow them?
If you feel inspired sure, why not? But sometimes their goals may become yours without you even realising. Social media posts in some ways become more influential than advertising.
Looking at feeds on a daily basis may influence you on a psychological level, pushing your personal values aside to pursue a body that you found through a hashtag on Instagram.

Is it possible that you could lose sight of:
-what’s truly important to you?
-what you want to achieve going forward from where you are today and the timeframes you have set yourself in order to hit your results?

Am I saying social media is bad?
Absolutely not.
But I truly believe that we need to refocus on the goals and dreams each of us holds within.
Following social media for inspiration?

But the inspiration is no inspiration anymore if someone else’s goals and achievements turn into yours without even noticing.

We all look different, different sizes, different body shapes, different lifestyles, different backgrounds and the list is long.
What is the vision you hold for yourself?
What is the best version of yourself you can think of?
Where do you see yourself?
What do you truly aspire for yourself?

These are your end goals!
You have just visualized them.
Fill in the gaps, add on more goals as you go.

Visualize yourself because your body shape is never going to look like someone else’s for the fact that we are all individually beautiful.

Once you know your end goal, break up your goals into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly goals that you want to achieve FOR YOURSELF, not for somebody else.
Are your goals only set on what your body shape “should” be like?

Fitness and wellbeing is about so much more.
What about:
Health goals?
Lifestyle goals?
Nutrition goals?

What else do you want for yourself?

What can you do today to just come one step closer to one of your goals?
Write them down, hold onto them

One baby step at a time.
## Make those baby steps habit
## Develop those habits into change.
## Hold onto the changes you’ve made.
We all move forward at different paces. What is your pace?

When you look at social media feeds next time ask yourself:
How does this inspire me to follow MY PERSONAL GOALS?
Which baby step am I going to make today to bring me closer to my goals and dreams?
Appreciate each step forward no matter how small it is.

When you browse through those pictures of #abs and #booty(s) and #bodies hold in mind that you don’t know what steps they have taken to get where they are. Are they at their peak at the moment? Are they qualified fitness professional or is it a picture 2 weeks post fitness competition that they have entered first time?
Maybe when you are honest to yourself you may not want that perfectly sitting apple bum or the perfectly formed abs.
Maybe you just want to get a bit leaner, feel better, be healthier and stay fit?
No matter what your goals are – OWN them, BELIEVE in them, PURSUE them!

#WhatAreYourTrueGoalsAndDreams ?

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Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger