…You can’t pour from an empty cup?!

You know when that time has come, when you just feel completely tired, exhausted, run down, every Monday you’re swimming in a pool of tasks and to do’s for the week. Every other day you feel like you’re coming down with something and there’s just SO MUCH to do! Everyone needs something from you and your attention.

Then something happens in your personal or professional life that leads you to run head first into the wall at full speed.

You might say to yourself: “I did it again.” That moment has arrived where you realize that your CUP is completely empty (again) and you’ve still been trying to pour from it.

But how can you pour ANYTHING at all from an empty cup?

It just simply doesn’t work.

We can’t always avoid that our cup gets empty but we can:

  • Be aware that it’s getting empty and take actions to do something about it
  • KNOW how to refill it really quickly


If your cup is empty you can’t help anyone else, not your co-workers, not your friends, family, loved ones.

At that moment when you can see nothing but dry porcelain in your cup you can’t even help yourself because there’s nothing left.

So all this TALK about the ‘empty cup’ is for you to have a think what strategies and action steps you can implement into your life for:

  • The cup to stay full
  • If you’re going through a stressful time finding a way to keep it half full not half empty
  • How to refill your cup quickly and efficiently

On a scale from 1- 10 how full is your cup right now (10 being completely full)?


What are 5 things you can implement into your life/ lifestyle for maintaining a cup that’s at least half full?


What are 5 action steps you can take that will refill your cup if it does get empty?

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger