Meditation- not for me! …Or is it?


When you hear the word ‘meditation’, you are either getting really excited right now or you are feeling like your insides are about to curl up into a small ball.

Meditation seems to attract a love or hate- relationship and nothing in between.

Sitting down cross-legged with eyes closed whilst trying to avoid ANY thought crossing our minds just doesn’t seem to be for everyone…

Which side do you stand on?

I feel like I’ve stood on both sides, I’ve gone through phases of loving mediation and then hating it a few months later. Maybe I wasn’t persisting long enough for the magic to occur?

Now I’m not sure whether I talked myself into liking meditation in the past or whether I genuinely enjoyed it (temporarily) BUT I can say I tried it.


I’m also pretty sure that you would have given it a go at some point in your life and made up your mind how you feel about it, right?

“It’s so good for you”

…Everyone says!

What if you’re like me though and your mind runs wild like a squirrel on speed? For me to actually sit down, close my eyes and FORCE my thoughts to ‘shut up’ is about as hard as telling an elephant to sleep on its back.

The ‘AHA’ moment

The other day I came to realize though that I was actually meditating all the time, it’s just not the mainstream ‘Buddha type of mediation’.

I became aware that my main forms of meditation are handstand-ing, teaching group exercise classes, walking in nature, cooking/ baking and a few other forms of self-care.

The key component is to find something that makes you stop thinking naturally and creates an inward focus. J

What is it for you?

Have you pondered about what your form of mediation is? Let’s think outside the box! I want to encourage you what it might be for you because it’s so much easier to integrate into your life when it doesn’t feel forced.


Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger