How to channel your inner child through 'handstand-ing'

Remember when you were 6 or 7 years old, you were playing outside and without thinking you just tried doing cartwheels and handstands?

There was no fear or hesitation, you JUST DID IT!

Remember how much fun and how effortless it was?

But then as you became older and life got more serious, play started to become less, things started to get harder but also, fear started to creep in with a lot of things including ‘handstand-ing’ because you hadn’t done them in so long, right?!

On the weekend

The girls on the weekend who attended my handstand workshop had an absolute blast, channeling their inner child.

One of the key take away point was that ‘handstand-ing’ is meant to be fun and that YOU as an adult still need a lot of PLAY in our life.

How can we get it back?

When you think of your 7-year old self and how you used to simply do whatever you felt like, do you notice how you instantly have a smile on your face?

Do you remember how easy it was to do everything and how you just had this self-belief that you could?

That’s exactly what we did!

When you approach new exercises and getting badass strong remembering how you approached things when you were young is an awesome way to get back into it.

Don’t let fear hold you back!

Just start somewhere. One step at a time will get you one step closer to the best version of yourself.


By the way

No matter what strength level you currently have you can get back handstand-ing, I promise!

When you start out getting back into it, it’s all about fun and play, you won’t even need to be upside down.

If this sounds exciting to you, head over to my contact form and shoot me an e-mail. :)

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger