Do you make the most of every day? ...or maybe it's time to change?


The last few months I put a few things on hold. 

I dedicated most of my time to my big goal: being at my peak competing in the Australian Ninja Warrior.
I had worked so hard for it, pushing my body on a daily basis, eating really well, doing stretching, massages etc.
I had a few niggles along the way but overall the preparation went really well.
I had ordered some clothes specifically for the competition, my partner was in the process of getting some shirts done for the support group that I was going to have on the day.
…and then in a split second it was all gone.
The dream
The goal
The hard work
was replaced by
When I practiced the warped wall (a 4m high wall which is one of the obstacles of the ninja warrior) on 20th Nov my achilles ruptured and I went for surgery just a few days later.
The first few days afterwards I still felt very angry & upset. Not only was I not going to compete in the show I also wasn’t going to be able to work for a while.
Being a passionate trainer who runs around all day it was a lot to take in.
BUT I came to the realisation that I could either remain angry and upset and frustrated which was not going to help me along my journey or I could instead:
Appreciate the journey I had undertaken, appreciate the people I had met and acknowledge that there will be “a next year opportunity”.
Now I have the chance to work on my weaknesses, work on things like my flexibility which I usually wouldn’t dedicate a great amount of time to.
What I am trying to say is: it matters what perspective we take on a situation. Our perspective matters how we move forward and whether that path we walk is an easy one or one with extra rocks along it.
What I am also trying to say is: Have a goal! Have a dream!
Don’t wish the day away.
Work towards something.
Make every day count.
Know you have made the most out of every day.
If you are unhappy and if you don’t have a goal or dream maybe it’s time to change?
Life can change in a split second, make the most of it! 
NOW, not tomorrow...

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger