5 “to-do’s” to kick start fat loss


1.) Move more

Have you just signed up for the gym or started to train a bit more? Great. This is the first step to success. BUT if you start to generally move more you are going to kick start your fat loss even more. Doing some fasted cardio in the morning like going for a 30-45min walk is a great way to increase your overall movement in the day; apart from that it can help burn fat and if you are already quite lean it can help burn stubborn fat.

If you travel to work by public transport try to get off a couple stops early and walk the rest of the way.

Got a lunch break? If you don’t have time to fit it in in the morning even a 15min walk is going to increase your overall movement in the day.


2.) Weight train

Weight training is key to kick start your fat loss.

You want to aim for 4-5 weight sessions a week. It’s really important you actually challenge yourself on the weights you are doing.

So many people waste their time on doing too many repetitions with a weight that is too light that doesn’t challenge one’s physiology to change.

You also need to make sure your program changes every 3-5 weeks to avoid plateaus.


3.) Eat basic nutrition

What’s basic nutrition? Base your nutrition on all the foods that fuel your body and promote fat loss: fresh, unprocessed sources of protein, lots of veggies especially green leafy veggies, some fruit (low GI during the day, high GI post workout), wet starches such as potatoes, rice, legumes… and drink lots of water


4.) Cut alcohol

People really underestimate the impact alcohol has on fat loss. If you have your nutrition and exercise set up you’ll get away with a couple of drinks/ week but more than that will definitely interfere with achieving your fat loss results.

If you are one to put on fat easily around your mid section you definitely should try to cut alcohol down.


5.) Set goals &visualise

Have you thought about what your true goals are?

True goals are the ones that make you feel excitement, give you that extra drive to get going. Sit down and think about what you want to achieve and how you want to feel.

Visualise the outcome as if you had achieve today.

The more you visualise the more your mind and body get an idea of what to work towards.

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger