5 steps to sustainable fat loss/ fitness/ strength!

You've done it all: the diet plans, the quick fixes, the gym memberships, the group fitness classes and much more BUT somehow you keep returning to the starting line.

You're feeling frustrated and really you can't be bothered to try 'something else' that's not going to help you. At the same time you're dying to finally achieve that transformation you've been longing for so long (may it be strength, fat loss or skyrocketing your fitness)!

You wonder: "Is it actually possible to get there?"


I hear you gal! It can be really tough to navigate your way through an overload of information, promises and offers!

Let me share with you 5 key components for you to finally get there & STAY there without looking back or returning to the starting line!


5 steps to sustainable fat loss/ fitness/ strength!

  • Building a routine, staying consistent
  • Following a program
  • Building a base nutrition
  • Dealing with any emotional food issues
  • Creating a lifestyle that supports your goals
  1. A woman with 2 kids and a full time job is going to have a different routine to a single gal with no commitments. Stop looking at what others doing! If your routine is not suiting your life and lifestyle it WON’T be sustainable. What’s the routine you’ll be able to consistently sustain going to look like?


  1. If you’re not following a program that changes every 4-5 weeks (not considering holidays etc.) you’re just guessing! Mixing and matching group fitness classes won’t help you to achieve your goals sustainably!


  1. Again- your base nutrition might look completely different to your friend’s/ mother’s etc. Make diet plans and nutrition protocols you can find in magazine a thing of the past!


  1. If you’re feeling guilty about eating chocolate or you’re finding yourself thinking about food all the time and what “the best thing to eat is” it might be time to address some emotional issues related to food!


  1. You got to choices: Create a lifestyle that supports your goals or set your goals in a way that don’t take away from the lifestyle you want to live. Neither is good or bad but it’s YOUR choice!

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger