5 step to positive body-love

I promised to be back with some serious action steps to kick-start some massive transformation (if you’re ready for it)!

If this is you- keep reading!

You are going to find out about 5 awesome steps you can get started on right now to stop comparing yourself to others (or your old self) and swap ‘comparing’ for ‘body-love’! Awesome, right?


This is the real deal!

Body-love might sound a little old fashioned to you right now or you might think ‘what the heck is she talking about’ but HONESTLY it’s probably what’s holding you back from achieving long-term results.


So here it is:

The 5 step process for positive body-love vibes, instead of endless comparison that is nothing BUT taxing your energy:


  • Create awareness around your stories and whom/ what you’re actually comparing yourself to.
  • Once you’ve gained awareness you have the control to choose your thoughts.


  • If you’re comparing yourself to others run through this very logically:
  • Do you actually want to be that person? I’m pretty certain your answer is “no” so approach this from a different angle by asking yourself: “What do I see in this person that I’d like to have more of?” Use this as inspiration to take actions towards a better version of ‘you’ as opposed to getting down about yourself.


  • If you are comparing yourself to a past version of ‘you’
  • There is really no point hanging onto the past. Honor your journey, how far you’ve come and the growth you’ve had along the way. You are who you are today and not 6 months, 1 year or 5 years ago. What have you learnt? Who have you become? What is there to be proud of?


  • Where are you now and what do you want more of?
  • Take responsibility for where you are right now, identify what you want to improve and find positive inspiration. Change your focus from what you don’t like about yourself to what you love about yourself.


  • Learn to love yourself whilst taking action towards a better version of yourself
  • This is ongoing work in process. Creating and nourishing self-love takes time but as I said above it has a lot to do with what you’re focusing on, honoring who you are and getting excited about the journey ahead with associated action steps.



Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger