When will you be ready?

Ask yourself honestly:

  • When did you last make excuses?

 Excuses about:

  • not being able to start training today, tomorrow or next week
  • not being able to get to the gym because of meetings etc.
  • not being able to get a routine happening
  • not being able to eat well because you are too busy
  • just not being able to change ???


Fact is you either take action and do it or you don’t.

There is never going to be “the right day”, “the right time” or “the right moment”.

Life is never perfect.

You either DO or you don’t.


Most of the time it’s about overcoming something:

  • fear
  • lack of motivation
  • not having any goals
  • putting your mindset in the right place
  • setting priorities


It’s hard to change, yes but if you don’t DO- nothing is ever going to change at all.

It’s about challenging yourself, progressing and overcoming whatever is holding you back from starting right now. 

Not tomorrow or the next week; NOW.

It all starts in your head.

Right now you can change your mindset. No Excuses!


If you set yourself true goals- goals that make you feel something like “drive”, “motivation”, “excitement” you have taken the first step into the right direction.


Make “being well & healthy” a priority in your life.

If you are busy schedule in your workouts like everything else that is scheduled in your diary. 

If you work late, train early in the morning. 

There is always a way to do it.

It is your choice.

You set your priorities.

You want it or you don’t.

Set goals.

Action or no action. It's this simple.

Your call.


Nina x

Dave Tabain
Dave Tabain