Fig & pistachio salad


  • rocket
  • punnet cherry tomatoes
  • 6 figs
  • handful crushed pistachios (dry roasted)
  • fruit of 1x pomegranate


  • remaining juice of pomegranate
  • fresh juice of 1/2 orange
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • squeeze of lemon

> Place the rocket into a salad bowel

> Slice the cherry tomatoes and figs into quarters

> spoon out the pomegranate seeds into a bowel and drain the juice into a small cup to make the dressing

> Make sure to get rid of all the stringy bits before adding the pomegranate into your salad bowel

> Add the tomatoes, figs and crushed pistachios

> To make the dressing squeeze 1/2 orange and add the juice to the pomegranate juice

> Add 2 tbsp. coconut oil and a squeeze of lemon. Stir well and pour over the salad combining well

> Add your favourite protein and enjoy

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Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger