Out of routine? 3 tips to get back into it!

Does holiday brain sound familiar?

…you know when you just got back from holidays and you’re trying to get back into the swing of things but somehow it’s slow and sticky despite your underlying motivation to make THIS year the best of all!


So why is it so hard to get back into routine?

Part of you is driven and motivated and the other can’t understand why everything seems to be moving so slowly!


Add on going back to work at the same time & trying to eat better.

Of course you are feeling a bit yucky, overwhelmed and frustrated right now!


What’s the plan of action for you from here?


The 3 tips I want to share with you today are directly addressed to overcoming feelings of overwhelm and frustration & feeling a bit yucky from not moving and indulging in holiday foods & booze.


Let’s start with feeling overwhelmed!

Queen, of course you’re feeling that way, like we said before you’re trying to wrap your head around starting ALL the things at the same time again after having had the ultimate relaxation & downtime.


Tip 1: Break it down to break down feelings of overwhelm!

Most importantly adjust your expectations. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your goals won’t be achieved in a day either.

By setting expectations right for the next couple of weeks you’ll find it a lot easier to get back into routine.


Here’s an example: If you want to train 4-5 days a week at the gym, start with 2-3 for the next 2 weeks and it doesn’t matter what those exercise sessions look like. You may do a bodyweight @ home session or you may go for a run because it’s easy to just leave home and you’ll be back quickly without needing to attend the gym.


Set a goal for when you want to start your ideal routine and work towards it!



Tip 2: How to start feeling less yucky?

I knoooooow how you feel gal! We’ve all been there. Most importantly don’t feel guilty for having had a great time! Keep your memories positive and appreciate your current starting point. A positive mindset will get you very far!


I know that the last thing you want to do right now is food prep! Like we said before it’s impossible to start everything at once. SO instead, for the next 2 weeks focus on the choices. Put your radar on loading up on veggies and protein before opting for carbs and fats. Can you lower your sugar consumption?? After eating a little bit better for a few days you’ll also feel less yucky.

Finally, get moving!! It’s amazing what 10.000 steps per day can do!



Tip 3: Are you feeling frustrated?? REFRAME!

It can be very confusing at the start of the year when you want to go full storm ahead and achieve ALL the goals whilst feeling overwhelmed.


Step 1- what are you frustrated about? Is it the fact that you’re looking back at last year and you realize that you haven’t achieved some of your goals? Or are you feeling frustrated about where you are right now?


If it’s the latter start to take action! There’s nothing more empowering than taking actions that move you away from where you’re at right now.

Break down your goals and create a bit of an action plan what it will take to get there step by step. The more little achievements you’ll accumulate the easier the journey will become.


If you’re frustrated about last year’s failures or what you haven’t achieved, reframe your mindset!

Just because you haven’t achieved your goals YET doesn’t mean that you haven’t learnt a lot AND you’ll create a better approach to get there this time round! Appreciate the journey.



I hope these 3 tips are helping you to get back into routine. Remember one step at a time and give yourself 2-3 weeks to get there!

Nina Egenberger
Nina Egenberger